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Calling for the first time:

A GET, Inc. staff member will take down your contact information, answer basic questions, and provide you with a brief overview of services.  A doctor's order must be obtained for an evaluation.

A therapist will return your phone call and set-up a time to assess your child. 


Assessment process:

Our assessment and plan of care is individualized, catered to meet the specific needs of your child.  We believe caregivers and parents are a vital component in the assessment and intervention process and are essential in developing outcomes and treatment plans.   Based on your child's temperant and abiity to separate/ transition, you may be invited to take part in the evaluation or asked to relax and enjoy our waiting room area.



After the evaluation, your therapist will contact you regarding the results of the evaluation,provide recommendations and answer any questions you may have.  If services are recommended, your therapist will discuss scheduing options. 

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